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Ignorance is bliss.

25 07 2015

If you felt this adage is true in today’s time, THiiNK again.
I met Mr Sinha, NRI (name changed) living in a distant suburb of Mumbai about a fortnight back.
What I heard about his investment decisions shook the life out of me.
A go getter at life, Sinha has been on and off shore for equal number of days for past many years. Practically rendering him handicapped to do things meticulously.
Sinha operates a NRI account with the bank and was summoned by the then friendly bank manager who goes on to suggest him better handling of his funds. Happy at being put on the highest pedestal, is being appointed a smart relationship manager. All is well till the time the deployment of funds starts.
The bank being privy to Sinha KYC (know your client) documents and account balance, Sinha gets elated at the special status received, RM starts to deploy funds for better returns. Convenience was never an easier word earlier. Only a signature on the dotted line without any hassles of paper work and offcourse no cheques too. Not left behind were his far off relatives and neighbours at his complex doing their share by offering him of best schemes for him.
Another month and Sinha has to leave for his duties. Meanwhile in his absence investment papers reach its rightful destination.
It’s been more than 5 years that Sinha has been living in wonderland. A land full of happiness and the feeling of one’s money being taken utmost care is such a WOW feeling!
On my trudging, Sinha proudly shares his treasures. What I saw then, shook me off my feet. The so called investments were nothing but LIFE INSURANCE policies with attrocious premiums and premium paying tenures, much beyond his retirement age. Not one but close to 8 policies from 3 life insurance policies. Few of them don’t even mention Sinha’s NRI status, some didn’t have nominees mentioned. And to top it all his insurance policies were naming him as a PROPOSER and the insurance was on his spouse and children name, although he was the sole bread earner of his family.
One always imagines a movie hero in a boxing ring, how the hero takes all the blows bravely and still stood tall. Sinha took all of these facts with a brave face and suddenly got up to deliver his KO punch. By now his cool personality had turned red amber with anger. Sinha placed all the life insurance documents on the table and with a brave smile and twinkled hope in his eyes askedme CAN I PLACE MY TRUST ON YOU BROTHER?
My trust is shattered but I don’t want to distrust your profession, he quipped. I offered him a good hug of approval.
Ignorance is bliss, only when there is “T” factor present. That’s TRUST!


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