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14 08 2016

It’s all over the place. It’s contagious and it’s harmful. And its increasing its tribe. Don’t have to tax your brains to #THiiNK so much. That dreaded word is “negativity”!

A sneak into ones social media pages, it’s all about the grunts and growls on each another, making it more of a political akkhada than a platform to share emotions and care. The 5 km drive to office taking an hour often instigates an argument on better infrastructure than the pleasure of journey. One often finds it difficult to connect to our home town due to its kuchha roads while its young village talent find it hard to live for a living in metros. The new vehicle my colleague bought finds it’s difficult to find a spot on the park lot. The trains are squeezed to jam sized bottles of people and roads are lengthened into serpentine of traffic woes. It’s all gone for a toss!

Nobody is happy. Everyone’s cribbing and sobbing. The daily morning newspaper too yells out murder, rape and terrorism to me. Isn’t there any solace from this grimy issue at hand, I wonder?

It’s only “POSITIVITY”. The word itself is full of emotive strength and energy. While there are enough of things around us to crib and cry on, one seldom notices the good things that exists. Ones, which we forgot to celebrate. A thank you note that elevates a smile on someone’s dull face.

I saw an old man couple of years back, who planted a sapling next to the bus stop. It’s grown into a full grown tree, spreading cool happiness to so many of the pressure cooker brains. The yellow flowers it showers on the click of a breeze, takes you on a journey to the gardens of aden. Being asked the reason of planting the sapling he said, “I used to crib of the sultry hot weather, the lack of cool shades and the corporation cutting trees for infrastructure development, I never felt happy till I planted a sapling myself to take care”. Here he was standing next to me holding his pet tree with yellow flowers falling from heaven. Cool isn’t it?

Taking cue from my motivated bus stop uncle, whatever and wherever I come across these days, I have promised myself to be positive. Gone are those days where “do no evil, see no evil and talk no evil” was the norm. I feel, if my INDIA has to progress and India has to finds it’s INDEPENDENCE, i need to first let go of my inhabitions and negativity to concentrate on NATION BUILDING rather than thinking small in fragments.

A nation where everyone is Independent of their mindset to #THiiNK positively. A Nation full of prosperous people, actively involved into doing their small bit for the country rather than the gossip media. A nation of billion people creating a POSITIVITY WAVE that would send TSUNAMI ripples, reach the length and breadth of the globe and beyond.

I dream of my nation to be a POSITIVITY NATION. It’s not the country that’s gives us INDEPENDENCE, it’s our attitude and mindset that determines its altitude.

I see INDIA at the highest pedestal in the global scene. Independence wouldn’t come without complete transformation, transformation of our minds, we need to look forward to change things positively. It would be the best way to celebrate INDEPENDENCE, INDIAPENDENCE!



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