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24 Oct 2016

India's bank deposit cover among the lowest globally!

For over 20 years, insurance has been at Rs 1 lakh per deositor, per bank.

18 Jan 2016

5 smart things to know about retirement planning

1. Do the math. Compute how much you will need after retirement, taking into account living expenses, medical expenses and inflation. 2. Start now. Begin to save for

18 Jan 2016

Keep the focus on earnings when in your 40s

The worrying couple nudging the 40s is one of the most common types that I meet when I speak to investors. Most of them are very successful professionally. They, however,

18 Jan 2016

Financial steps newly married women should take.

Sumita has just got married. She wants to know if and how her financial position changes post marriage. Sumita began working early in life and has spent the last eight

12 Jan 2016

How to go about capital protection schemes offered by mutual funds

Capital Protection Oriented Schemes (CPOS) from mutual funds are closeended schemes with a tenure of three to five years and are low risk products. Typically, they are

11 Jan 2016

Why financial markets fail to motivate many.

When we discuss personal finance, one issue comes up often. Why do investors not do what is in their interest? For instance, why do they not hold diversified portfolios

04 Jan 2016

Investment ideas for 2016: Here is how to build wealth for long-term financial goals.

Where should I invest to create a corpus for my child's education? That's a question wealth managers are inundated with these days as equities gain traction as an asset

14 Dec 2015

5 golden rules of financial planning

These financial tenets shall never change or become irrelevant. Follow them if you want to protect your finances against uncertainty.

19 Oct 2015

Planning early retirement? Your savings may not be enough

Retiring early is a fad with many takers. From bored employees who seek relief from routines, to the new 50+ generation that wants to discover the world, there is a rising

01 Sept 2015

The art of wealth creation

My refuge in this meltdown has been Raamdeo Agrawal's 'The Art of Wealth Creation.' Raamdeo's formula is that successful stock picking - his index is 100x

29 July 2015

Why Financial Education is the need of the hour

You could be a onetime investor, an investment professional or a college graduate, you would still need to know how money works in the real world. It is not enough to know

05 Jan 2015

Should you invest in PPF or ELSS?

While we are not underplaying the importance of finding the right investment, the heavy lifting of any financial plan starts well before investment selection. Do you have

18 Feb 2014

Four keys to retire rich

You work all your life in hope of a comfortable retirement. However, unless planned carefully, retirement can be all your nightmares coming true-your salary, the regular

06 Jan 2014

10 best tax-saving investments

Multiple options. Contradictory advice. And a deadline that's approaching fast. Many taxpayers find themselves in this situation at the beginning of the year when they

30 July 2013

Income tax returns: 9 tax saving options other than Section 80C

Before you calculate your tax liabilities, remember to analyze the various sections of tax deductions under the Income Tax Act as tax planning does not end with Section 80

06 May 2013

Know all about the free-look period for insurance

Every policyholder is allowed a free-look period of 15 days to enable him to go through the terms and conditions of the policy and reverse the purchase decision if he find

26 Mar 2012

How to choose a term insurance plan

In these times of high inflation, Rs 20 won't buy you much. But it is enough to buy Gopal Gidwani a term insurance cover of Rs 49.99 lakh. The 38-year-old Pune-based

01 Mar 2011

What to expect from a financial planner and how to find a good one

If you need professional help with your finances, we've long recommended using a fee-only financial planner to avoid conflicts of interest. If an adviser is paid through

13 Dec 2009

How surrender value of an insurance policy is calculated

Surrender value is the sum of money an insurance company will pay to the policyholder or annuity holder in the event of his policy being voluntarily terminated before its