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Investor Awareness Program

"Investment in knowledge pays the best return."

Most of the investors would be guilty of either investing with limited knowledge or completely turning a blind eye towards financial freedom.

This is precisely where we intend to make a difference by sowing seeds of financial education with an intention of instilling financial discipline.

The IAP is a step towards spreading awareness to help the audience widen their horizon towards different financial instruments.

These sessions are conducted in various corporates, professional associations and social groups and are delivered without any sales or marketing overtures.

The response from these participants has been over-whelming in view of its unbiased and interactive approach.

Fun filled sessions of knowledge and education are delivered in lucid language understood by one and all. 

Customized sessions are also conducted for women investors to empower them to take confident strides towards financial independence.

Going by the phrase " catch them young" we instil the value of money in the young minds with the help of videos and games. 

Join our Initiative to spread financial awareness by enrolling your organization for a no obligation session today."