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Rajesh and THiiNK are very focussed financial advisors who helps you acheive your financial goals with out overpromising and and provides tremendous value for money

Uma Chillalshetti

Mr Rajesh and THiiNK are one of the best Financial Advisors I have ever met. They first educate the customers and then talk about various options available for investment, if customer needs so. I wish them all successes in his endeavor

Mr Shatrusudan Srivastava

I was completely ignorant about investments and knew nothing about financial planning. THiiNK held my finger and taught me the meaning of financial planning. That was 5 years back. Since then he has not only been my financial advisor but a great friend as well. Their wise financial planning has always yielded profitable results be it investments, insurances or SIPs. A hawk's eye for detail Rajesh and his team are someone is a person whom you can lay your complete trust and stop worrying about your finances. His brainchild “THiiNK” is growing day by day and I am sure that more and more people would start THiiNKing towards the same goal very soon. Best wishes for all his future endeavors

Sandeep Debnath

I have been interacting with THiiNK for my Financial planning. I am very happy about their approach on ensuring your investments are secure and gets a good return. They have a very good customer friendly team. I strongly recommend Rajesh and THiiNK for their services to my friends and clients

Arun Iyer

Nice,friendly and always available team THiiNK, keep growing

Anand Agarwal

I have been making regular investments through THiiNK since a long time. I really appreciate their help in getting my financial goals through my investments. A wonderful team which leads my investments in the right direction. I sincerely appreciate their role in management of my investments

Vivek Bhortakke

Its been many years since i have known THiiNK and sincerely its been a wonderful and fruitful experience. Fruitful i say because me and my wife made nice profits on our investments basically on their recommendations. I recommended THiiNK to my father in law and brother in law too and i have become a hero in their eyes basically due to their hard work and perseverance

Ketan Gala

We have found Rajesh and THiiNK, to be an expert who advises gently, but dont push themself like many experts tend to do. Their advise is sound and has always helped us. I think the advise is good for you in a solid, middle class way, taking a balanced view between risk and safety of your funds. Rajesh and THiiNK are the people to turn to, if you are looking for a good performance, not the risky adventurous ones,( at least in my case!)

Shreekant Joshi

Rajesh and THiiNK are classic examples of a self driven,meticulous, sharp thinking people. The quintessential entrepreneurs - Rajesh and THiiNK have the knack of putting people at ease. They are contemporary and updated, their endeavor is to be constantly ahead of times will help them catapult much ahead of others. I have always benefited from their advice and they are the kinds with whom you have no inhibitions. Rajesh is well read and worldly wise. They are undoubtedly the best in the stable far ahead of others in the fray and I wish them the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Sudy Vangarai

The services rendered is awesome, very happy! Its value unlocking. Way to go. Awesome. Keep it up

Sriram Gopalkakrishnan

Have seen THiiNK growth in last 8 years and it has come because of the sheer passion to service customers and towards their work

Sandeep Sawant

It gives me great pleasure to testify THiiNK for their remarkable services. THiiNK have a standard policy for after sales service which is new term in mutual fund and investment company. THiiNK give us monthly report towards all investments by default. Quarterly meeting with clients, their product study, knowledge and experiences of THiiNK help us to take right decisions in this speculative market

Manish Gandhi

Hello THiiNK, I saw you tweeting about wordpress and thought I might as well check out your website, its great. keep up the good work. I want to know if you can help support my social campaign. My social campaign helps me get my website shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s free to support. Every supporter gets a Free lifetime account for supporting my campaign. It\'s similar to kickstarter but there is no cost involved. You can check out my campaign at http://blueneta.nouncy.com/blueneta#/. Looking forward for your support. Thank you for your time. Chris


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Chris Not Applicable

I think Rajesh and THiiNK will always advise the right thing for you. They are purely oriented towards their customers. I think one can be rest assured that things are in best hands when it comes to financial planning

Manoj Samuel

I've known THiiNK since last 14 years and all I can say is that they are of one of the most organized, knowledgeable and efficient people I've known. Whatever financial or investment discipline I have developed in these years, I credit it truly to Rajesh and THiiNK in all respects. I see a amazing professional flair in them and that is what has excelled them and added facets to their horizon over all these years. Extremely dedicated and do their job with immense meticulousness and personal interest. I strongly recommend all my friends on my network to surely consider their services if they are looking for personal or corporate portfolio management solutions. I wish them a grand success and ever growing excellence in his field

Durgesh Pathak

THiiNK made us to think to invest right and live life to the fullest

Ashutosh Deo

Excellent service and prompt responses

Mohanraj Mudaliar

Thanks to you we have started taking interest and enjoying investing money other than in bonds and NSC. Normally when it comes to investments we were always skeptical. Firstly we do not understand too much, our impressions is its too risky. After chatting the picture has become clear and we took the step of investing properly. Would want to specifically mention, you are one of the few financial planners who insisted on understanding the nuances of how and where money gets invested. Also your patience and willingness to explain the things in simple language till we understand everything is great

Chandan Thakoor